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Nexg 2 Basic - Light Blue

Nexg 2 Basic - Light Blue

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Enya NEXG2 Basic Guitar - Smart Audio Guitar.

This is the version with full features. 80W speaker set.

Included accessories: Guitar case, strap, wireless control pedal, charging cable and connection cable.

Unleash your musical potential with the NEXG 2, a smart guitar that redefines guitar playing and modern music creation. With innovative features and an intuitive design, this is the ultimate companion for guitarists and music enthusiasts.

Comprehensive Upgrade.

AR technology speakers, new generation super computing processing chip, comprehensively improved sound effect algorithms, color touch screen, built-in drum machines, LOOP, dual-mode Bluetooth, table Wireless control pedal. All created a guitar like no other. Create a new world for your musical dreams.

Smart Audio Guitar "All In One".

Experience the future of guitar playing with the NEXG 2. This "all-in-one" guitar combines the versatility of a traditional acoustic guitar with the power of advanced audio technology. It's a guitar, an effects processor, a loop station and more, all wrapped into one beautiful and stylish instrument.

New Generation AR Technology Speaker.

The built-in AR technology speaker is specially designed for NEXG 2 with nearly a hundred improvements compared to the previous generation. It has completely optimized the cavity structure and speaker design, making the NEXG 2 speaker 5% lighter in weight but doubled in volume. With richer detail in the mid and high frequency ranges, and also completely solving the problem of vibration, giving NEXG 2 a revolutionary breakthrough in sound.

New Generation Processor Chip. Completely Transforms Sound and Performance.

The new DSP chip has 3 times more computing power. Not only does it support more complex and professional sound effect algorithms, but it also supports drum machines, LOOP, extremely accurate smart equalizers, and built-in high-resolution audio sampling rates. .

One-Stop Loop Function.

Explore limitless creative possibilities with loop functionality and wireless pedals. Unleash your creative musical ideas. Easily create, layer, and manipulate loops while drum beats and a built-in metronome keep you focused. With the added countdown and autocorrect feature, precise looping has never been easier. Say goodbye to time challenges and unlock your full musical potential with NEXG 2.

Built-in Effects And Drum Beats.

Enhance your sound with built-in effects and drum beats on NEXG 2. Explore a wide range of built-in effects (Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Distortion, Auto Wah, Compressor, Octave, Tremolo, Vibrato, etc. .). Choose from pre-programmed drum beats to add rhythm and texture to your performance. Shape your tone and keep a tight rhythm, all in one powerful guitar.

Turns into a Bluetooth Speaker.

Connect NEXG 2 to your phone, tablet... via Bluetooth and enjoy the ability to play music through the 80W speaker.

Dual Mode Bluetooth.

NEXG 2 is equipped with a dual-mode Bluetooth chip. You can use Bluetooth to connect to a device that plays music or accompaniment.

You can also connect to a second device at the same time and use the device control function through the Enya Music application. The new professional control system can easily adjust the tone, volume and sound effects of NEXG 2.

Advanced Sound Shaping Technology and Intuitive App Integration.

Explore boundless tonal possibilities with Guitar Tone Shaping Technology. Customize your sounds with ease and unlock a world of unique guitar sounds.

Seamless integration with the Enya Music app installed on your smartphone or tablet for precise control and expanded creative potential.

The Enya Music app aims to provide you with a practical and smart solution for learning music, performing music and creating music, so that everyone can fully enjoy the joy of music.

With the Enya Music app, NEXG 2 has made amazing improvements. In addition to professional wireless control and settings, the Enya Music app also adds more than 50,000 smart music tracks, courses, and overall knowledge about the Guitar to NEXG 2.

Color Touch Screen.

NEXG 2 is equipped with a completely new color touch screen to make your operations more convenient and simpler. You can easily switch between 20 types of sound effects and adjust loops and drum machines via the touch screen, putting musical inspiration right at your fingertips.

Sing Fun Anytime, Anywhere With Wireless Microphone With Built-in Rechargeable Battery.

The microphone has been upgraded to a version that uses rechargeable batteries. You can play accompaniment and play and sing along with the music. Or use the vocal removal function to turn a song into a soundtrack with just one operation to sing anytime, anywhere.

Wear Headphones And Workout Or Enjoy Music Privately.

NEXG 2 is a silent guitar, you can use headphones to practice and play whenever and wherever you want without worrying about disturbing others.

Powerful Energy.

NEXG 2 has a long battery life, can be used for 5 hours. 30W fast charging only takes 2 hours to fully charge.

You can charge it directly with a USB Type-C cable or a wireless charging dock that doubles as a keyboard stand.

Compact and Portable Design.

Experience music anywhere with NEXG 2, the perfect companion for artists. Compact size and detachable palm rest design make it easy to carry anywhere, anytime.

Whether you're traveling, performing, or recording in the studio, NEXG 2 ensures your musical inspiration is always at your fingertips.

Accessories Included.

- NEXG 2 Basic is a version that has omitted some included accessories, the accessory set includes: Guitar case, strap, wireless pedal, charging cable.

Detailed specifications.

Model: NEXG 2 Basic Size: 38-inches
Display: 2 inches colorful touch Speaker: 80W
Body Material: Carbon Fiber
Fretboard: Radius (16") - Carbon Fiber
Nut Width: 1-11/16 Inches & Zero Fret Design
Saddle: Bone
Scale Length: 23.7 Inches
Strings: D'Addario® YP-XS
Frets: 20 (Round-End Nickel Silver)
Finish: Matte
Battery: 43.68Wh
System: Enya ES3 Smart Audio
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