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Smart Tuner ST1

Smart Tuner ST1

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Smart Tuner ST1 - Smart guitar string tuner.

Smart auto tuner for guitar and ukulele.

Integrated metronome.

Large colorful display screen.

Precise and easy to use (USB charging).

Adjustment mode: Automatic, Semi-automatic and Manual.

Responsive and easy to use.

Enya ST1 is a multifunctional and intelligent tool. Improved automatic tuning technology, whether you are an artist or a beginner, this tuner can quickly solve the problem of your strings being out of tune and difficult to tune.

Super fast, super accurate. Anti-jamming.

Enya ST1 has undergone three years of algorithm research and hardware improvements by Enya's R&D team. In any complex environment, it can help you adjust the wire within seconds.

Automatic and semi-automatic switching.

Enya ST1 has automatic and semi-automatic functions, making adjustments easier. It ensures you get the perfect adjustment every time.

Whether you're performing on stage or practicing and exploring music at home, Enya ST1 can bring you a highly convenient experience.

Color screen. Multi-function application.

Enya ST1 is equipped with a color screen and metronome function. Allows you to easily view and select the desired mode.

Through the intuitive interface, you can quickly browse and select the tuning mode that suits your instrument and current tempo. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, the color screen will provide you with more convenient operation and settings.

Meets many musical instrument needs.

The versatility of the Enya ST1 makes it a true all-rounder. It is not only suitable for regular instruments such as guitar, electric guitar and bass but also includes small instruments such as ukulele.

Fast winding with electric motor.

The Enya ST1 tuner has a quick electric string tightening function, helping you adjust string tension more conveniently.

No need to use traditional tools, just press the button to tighten or loosen the wire.

Light and portable.

Enya ST1 is compact, lightweight and portable. You can put it in your pocket or bag and easily carry it anywhere, anytime.

Built-in 3100mAh rechargeable battery.

Battery capacity 3.6V, 3100mAh; Maximum charging capacity: 5V, 2.1A.

Detailed specifications.

Model: ST1 Size: 56*34*113mm
Color: Black
Body Material: ABS
Motor Power: 21W
Screen Size: 12*29mm
Battery Life: 5 hours
Finish: Satin
Battery: 3.6V 3100 mAh
Maximum Charging Power: 5V 2.1A
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