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Unleash your musical potential with the Enya Music Smart Instruments Companion app.

Accompany Enya to take your instrument to the next level.

Customize your sound, access premium effects. Access a range of creative tools right at your fingertips.

Enhance your music with a built-in library of drum machines, metronome, tuning tools, and chords.

Join a vibrant community of artists and unlock the future of music.

Compatible with: Nexg, Nova Go, X3 Pro... models with EQ SP1 and some models with built-in Bluetooth EQ.

Download now:

iOS: Click HERE Android: Click HERE

Or search with keyword "Enya Music" in App Store / Google Play.

Everyone is an artist!

Enya Music App aims to provide you with a practical and smart solution for music learning, performing and creating music, so that everyone can fully enjoy the joy of music.

Rich lessons.

Enya offers a large number of practice tracks for both ukulele and guitar, and all come with adjustable speed and multiple playback functions, so you can follow along and mute or solo a track. definitely in your daily practice!

Make your music learning more convenient.

Useful music tool.

Enya offers you a free high-precision tuning function and a professional metronome, the two most commonly used tools in the music learning process, that will help your learning and performance. your music more convenient.

Connect your instrument with Bluetooth!

One of the core functions of Enya Music APP is the intelligent and innovative music software created especially for NOVA GO. It connects to your Nova Go via Bluetooth, allowing effects to be adjusted with the built-in TransAcoustic receiver system, you can unlock more practical functions with an extendable cable that connects to the effects pedal app 3rd party response.

Smart control mode.

You can intelligently switch between guitar mode and microphone mode through the App, adapting to your different needs in a variety of performance situations, one mobile phone and one Nova Go, creating the world Your colorful music!

Three effects available!

Nova Go's TransAcoustic effects can be precisely adjusted via the Enya Music App. Compression, reverb and delay are built-in with default sounds, you can easily use and change with these default sound effects.

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