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Wireless System WB1

Wireless System WB1

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Enya WB1 - Wireless audio connection system for musical instruments.

The WB1 receiver/transmitter system provides 10 different frequency bands.

With just one button, it's easy and quick to switch between different frequencies.

You just need to press the frequency change button to connect to other receiver / transmitter devices (with the same receiver / transmitter frequency as WB1), or change to not have to worry about frequency overlap with other devices. other receiver/transmitter.

High fidelity, low latency, anti-interference.

The 3.0 UHF wireless audio chip and exquisitely designed charging box will bring you a convenient, stable and high-quality wireless audio experience, and unleash your passion for music.

Whether it's for stage performance, everyday use or creative exploration, Enya WB1 is your trusted partner and powerful supporter for your musical journey.

Brand new 3.0 UHF wireless audio chip.

EW01 uses the most advanced UHF wireless audio chip, which not only has a leading transmission delay of only 0.16 milliseconds, but also has super good sound quality, fidelity resolution, strong anti-interference and support Use multiple receivers. The transmission distance can also be no less than 30 meters and the performance is strong.

Exquisite charging box. Portable and durable.

Enya has designed the WB1's battery charging box to be sophisticated, lightweight, easy to use and convenient for storing and charging the battery.

Use anytime to ensure WB1 is always ready. The charging box has a capacity of 3900mAh, fully charging the WB1 about 4 times, equivalent to more than 15 hours of use (each full charge, the WB can be used for about 3.5 hours).

Light and compact, easy to use.

Weight 26g, thickness 16mm, length 108mm, minimalist and light design, easy to carry and easy to use.

Plug and play. Fits all popular musical instruments.

Enya WB1 is compatible with most musical instruments with a 6.35mm connection port, whether it is an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass or other instruments, it can be used easily.

Just turn it on, plug the transmitter into your instrument and the receiver into your speakers/amp and enjoy the convenience of wireless connectivity, making your performances smoother and more comfortable.

The design is highly aesthetic.

Enya WB1 has a good-looking appearance, sophisticated design and compact shape.

The WB1 receiver and transmitter is not only a practical tool but also a stylish accessory for your musical instrument.

Powerful configuration and performance.

Working frequency: UHF@657/657.5/658/658.5/659/659.5/660/660.5/661/661.5/662Mhz

Effective transmission distance (unobstructed): 50m

Latency: 0.2ms

Battery capacity: Charging box: 3.7V 3900mAh, receiver/transmitter: 3.7V 410mAh

Maximum charging capacity: 5V 2.1A

Charging time: Charging box: 3.5h. Receiver/transmitter: 1.5h

Usage time: Receiver/transmitter: 3.5h when fully charged. Charging box: Recharge WB1 4 times. Total usage time 15 hours.

Product set includes: Signal transmitter, Signal receiver, Charging box, Charging cable.

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