What is SP1 (AcousticPlus® 2.0)?

Revolutionary SP1 - AcousticPlus® 2.0 system with built-in effects.

The AcousticPlus® 2.0 SP1 pickup system adds dynamic sound effects directly from the instrument, allowing for custom tone.

Connect to amplifiers and external devices to unleash your creativity.

Play music wirelessly with Bluetooth connection.

Unleash your creativity with the SP1 system.

Built-in Bluetooth connectivity allows for seamless wireless music streaming and easy jamming to your favorite tunes.

Immerse yourself in sound and enhance your music experience with the wireless convenience of the SP1 system.

Intelligent control and deep tone editing.

The SP1 system supports intelligent control and deep tone editing via the Enya app.

Take control of your sound and unleash your creativity. Customize and shape your tone to perfection, fine-tuning every nuance to fit your unique artistic vision.

Explore a world of possibilities and make your music truly your own.

SP1 AcousticPlus EQ system with breakthrough D1 chip and ES1 smart sound system.

The D1 DSP smart audio chip developed by Enya is equipped with ES1 audio processing system, which has multiple sound effects, live streaming sound card, Bluetooth music playback and many other expandable functions at the same time. at the time.

SP1 AcousticPlus ushers in a new era of acoustic guitars.

Easily switch between 4 effects at the touch of a button!

Clear sound, strumming, Solo, fingerstyle, different sound styles meet your daily practice and stage performance, each sound effect can be connected to the newly developed Enya Music App by Enya via Bluetooth, easily remotely control/edit/create your unique sounds!

Bring endless inspiration to your music learning and creativity!

Built-in Bluetooth speaker!

SP1 AcousticPlus is equipped with the super TransAcoustic pickup system. It can make your guitar have different sound effects such as reverb, delay, chorus... When connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth, SP1 AcousticPlus can become a Bluetooth speaker, you can play music from the internal speaker.

Play music/drum machine/back track from the internal speaker and play with it!

Integrated smart sound card.

In times of technological development, live streaming and recording have become the daily work of many celebrities on all social platforms. SP1 AcousticPlus is a smart system with its own smart sound card that can process guitar and vocal sounds at the same time.

Share your musical ideas anytime, anywhere!

Connect to the Enya Music application.

Enya Music App is a smart and innovative music software. It can be connected to SP1 AcousticPlus intelligently and has a large number of music TABS, practical music composition tools, music information and other expandable functions, meeting various needs when Play guitar and music!

5 hours operating time on a single full charge.

Equipped with a high capacity 3,400 mAh battery, it can be used for 5 hours on a single full charge. There is also a sound expansion function. Once connected to the device, you will have a rich and expandable source of effects on the APP Store.

Provide more possibilities for your music!

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