What is AcousticPlus®?

Learn About AcousticPlus Pickups.

The Enya AcousticPlus ® Pickup System turns the back of the soundboard into a speaker, allowing players to add sound effects (Reverb, Chorus, Delay...) from the instrument itself without the need for external equipment.

Every Enya guitar with AcousticPlus ® Pickups has an integrated actuator inside the soundboard. This groundbreaking technology takes the vibrations of the strings and enhances them to create sound, providing a simple yet effective way to manipulate the natural and entertaining sounds of playing.

AcousticPlus®t Pickup vs. Conventional Pickup?

The AcousticPlus ® Pickup System (patented) includes all the features of a conventional Pickup. You can connect to an amplifier or other external devices. Control knobs help control output effects.

Easy to use.

This advanced yet simple technology is mounted inside the guitar's body. Easily turn AcousticPlus ® sound enhancement effects on or off. All sound reinforcement effects are controlled with very simple knobs/turns, giving the player full control to adjust the effects.

Rechargeable battery.

The AcousticPlus® system is easy to charge, giving you hours of entertainment on a single charge.

Available on Guitars and Ukuleles.

AcousticPlus ® Pickup technology is available on select Enya ukulele and guitar models. Whether you're a beginner or experienced, AcousticPlus ® helps create a unique and enjoyable playing experience.

Introductory video.

The current latest version is AcousticPlus 2.0 SP1 .

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