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Nova U EQ AcousticPlus - Orange

Nova U EQ AcousticPlus - Orange

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Enya Nova UE Ukulele with composite carbon fiber technology.

Social media was abuzz when the Nova U series launched and it's not hard to see why. The carbon fiber construction and unique sound hole configuration contribute to an incredibly bright sound.

Ergonomic design features a slimmer profile for comfortable playability you can feel.

In terms of tone, playability and quality, the Nova U series is a great choice.

Carbon fiber is also known as "black gold". It was produced in the early 1950s to meet the needs of science and aerospace.

Nowadays, carbon fiber materials are mainly used as reinforcing materials to add plastic, metal, ceramics and other materials to form composite carbon fiber materials. Widely used in many fields such as: Aerospace, medical, sports and automobiles. Musical instruments have also gradually applied synthetic carbon fiber technology!

Carbon fiber musical instrument.

Enya's advanced scientific laboratory worked for 2 years to develop a specially adjusted carbon fiber material reinforcement ratio, making the carbon fiber composite vibrate like an all-metal classical musical instrument. wood is played for many years. Makes vibration energy transmission loss lower, resonance stronger!

Revolutionary carbon fiber technology.

In traditional craftsmanship, the body of the guitar is often divided into different parts for production, resulting in a great loss in overall sound transmission. Through composite carbon fiber material, Enya has improved the "All-In-One-Piece" one-piece molding, which perfectly reduces sound loss. One-piece molding technology also makes the sound more natural and transparent!

Playability based on long experience.

Over the past decades, Enya has persistently innovated and received many patents. It has benefited a lot from optimizing various parameters of playability. Enya engineers designed based on large amounts of user data. Makes NOVA U's playability perfectly smooth and comfortable!

Available in many colors.

Nova U has many colors for you to choose from according to your personal preferences. Different colors bring different moods and different inspirations.

AcousticPlus pickup system.

In partnership with DOUBLE Acoustics, the TransAcoustic receiver designed specifically for Nova U allows you to easily get reverb, delay, and chorus effects without connecting speakers. Stimulate your musical inspiration.

Detailed specifications.

In the box: Enya Nova U ukulele, case, spare string set, strap, and capo.

Model: Nova U EQ Size: Concert 23"
Top: Carbon Fiber & Polycarbonate Back & Sides: Carbon Fiber & Polycarbonate
Neck: Carbon Fiber & Polycarbonate Fretboard: Radius - Carbon Fiber & Polycarbonate
Tuning Pegs: Open Gold Classic Nut & Saddle: Carbon Fiber & Polycarbonate
Bridge: Carbon Fiber & Polycarbonate Strings: Enya
Finish: Matte Nut Width: 1 - 3/8”
Body Thickness: 2 Inches Pickup: Custom AcousticPlus
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