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Nexg 2N Deluxe - Red

Nexg 2N Deluxe - Red

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Enya NEXG2N Deluxe Guitar - Smart Audio Guitar Nylon.

Is the complete version with full features. 80W speaker set.

Included accessories: Guitar case, wireless charging dock, wireless control pedal, wireless microphone, charger, charging cable cum connection cable, multi-function strap.

Silent Classic guitar design completely made of carbon fiber, built-in 50W AR technology speaker, super-fast computing chip, dozens of sets of professional sound effect algorithms, color touch screen, built-in drum machine, LOOP, control pedal.

The NEXG 2N redefines the possibilities of classical guitars, ushering in a new era of lightweight and intelligent nylon-string guitars.

Fashionable, sophisticated and graceful.

Quick-detachable frame structure design, 38-inch size, the entire keyboard is made of carbon fiber, slim neck and unique and comfortable curved keyboard, built-in high-quality AR technology 50W speaker and other Comprehensive digital effects, allowing you to play anytime, anywhere. Use NEXG2N to practice, create, listen to music, sing and organize small performances.

Powerful new generation AR technology speaker.

High-quality AR technology speaker specially designed for NEXG2N with nearly a hundred improvements compared to the previous generation. Weight is reduced by 5% while volume is doubled. It uses a groundbreaking symmetrical dual-woofer design that not only has rich bass and midrange but also produces detailed highs. The sound of the NEXG2N is great whether listening to music or playing the keyboard.

New Generation Processor Chip. Outstanding sound and performance.

DSP chip with super computing power, it not only supports more complex and professional sound effect algorithms, but also supports built-in drum machine, LOOP, intelligent tuner with extremely precision and speed High resolution audio sampling.

Completely new sound system.

NEXG2N has dozens of adjustment combinations of professional digital sound effect modules such as Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Distortion, Auto Wah, Compressor, Octave, Tremolo, Vibrato, etc., giving string guitar nylon a new vitality.

Two-mode Bluetooth smart control.

NEXG2N is equipped with a dual-mode Bluetooth chip. You can use Bluetooth to play music or accompaniment. You can also use other Bluetooth modes to connect to the device control function through App Enya Music. The new professional control system can easily adjust the tone, volume, sound effects and various functions of the NEXG2N.

Smart guitar.

AI sound duplication algorithm technology makes NEXG2N's sound full of magic. As long as you use the Enya Music App to identify and read the sound frequency of another guitar, Nexg2n can intelligently create algorithm files and automatically tune your NEXG2N sound, allowing NEXG2N reproduces the guitar sound you want.

Built-in drum machine, LOOP, makes creating a one-man band a breeze.

The NEXG2N features a new built-in drum machine, unlimited overlapping LOOP functions, and a variety of control methods such as touchscreen, buttons, and wireless pedals. You can easily create compositions like a band without connecting any devices, allowing you to unleash your creativity.

Color touch screen, Inspiration at your fingertips.

NEXG2N is equipped with a new color touch screen to make your operation more convenient and simple. You can easily switch between 20 types of sound effects and open and adjust loops and drum machines via the touchscreen, allowing you to have musical inspiration at your fingertips.

Tuner is smarter and more accurate.

The tuner function of NEXG2N is very accurate and sensitive, and it has also developed an intelligent voice guidance mode specifically for guitar beginners. Whether you're a first-timer or a professional master, you can make adjustments easily and precisely.

Wireless control pedal. Professional and convenient.

NEXG2N can be used with wireless control pedals, used to freely control tone switching, loops, drum machines and faders.

Application Enya Music. Strong content ecosystem.

The Enya Music app not only allows for more professional and convenient wireless NEXG2N installation and control, but also features over 100,000 smart tracks, courses, music communities and competitions, and music content other to help you enjoy playing the guitar.

The design brings a new feeling.

The NEXG2N uses a slim neck and curved fingerboard design, and incorporates Savarez high-tension carbon strings. Whether a traditional solo classical player, a modern pop artist or a fingerstyle player, Nexg2n can deliver the ideal feel.

Stable and durable.

The entire guitar is made of Enya's third generation carbon fiber material, which is lighter, stiffer, and has stronger acoustic and vibration performance.

Versatile connection.

Connection ports: Headphone, Type-C (fast charging, system upgrade, OTG internal recording), audio output, wired microphone input, all make the guitar a great assistant for artists.

Wear Headphones And Workout Or Enjoy Music Privately.

NEXG 2N is a silent guitar, you can use headphones to practice and play whenever and wherever you want without worrying about disturbing others.

Beautify your room space.

The wireless charging dock has an advanced design. Not only can it charge the NEXG2N perfectly, but its elegant appearance also makes it a beautiful decoration for the home.

Powerful Energy.

NEXG 2 has a long battery life, can be used for 5 hours. 30W fast charging only takes 2 hours to fully charge.

You can charge it directly with a USB Type-C cable or a wireless charging dock that doubles as a keyboard stand.

Sing happily anytime, anywhere with the built-in rechargeable microphone.

The NEXG2N can be connected to a wireless microphone upgraded to a rechargeable version or the Enya wireless microphone headset. You can play accompaniment, play and sing at the same time easily.

Accessories Included.

NEXG 2N Deluxe is equipped with accompanying accessories including: Guitar case, wireless charging dock, wireless control pedal, wireless microphone, professional monitoring headphones, 30w fast charger, charging/recording cable internal/upgraded OTG data, multi-function strap, adjustment lever.

Detailed specifications.

Model: NEXG 2N Deluxe Size: 38-inches
Display: 2 inches colorful touch Speaker: 80W
Body Material: Carbon Fiber
Fretboard: Radius (16") - Carbon Fiber
Nut Width: 1-7/8 Inches & Zero Fret Design
Saddle: Bone
Scale Length: 25-7/8 Inches
Strings: Savarez 510AJ
Frets: 19 (Round-End Nickel Silver)
Finish: Satin
Battery: 43.68Wh
System: Enya ES3 Smart Audio
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