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Flowers Ocean Standard AJ EQ LR Baggs - Pink

Flowers Ocean Standard AJ EQ LR Baggs - Pink

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Enya FLOWERS OCEAN Standard AJE Guitar.

Love at the first sight.

In 2017, Ukulele Enya FLOWERS OCEAN launched with rich imagination in design and shape. Today, with Enya's innovation, the FLOWERS OCEAN acoustic guitar is released!

Explore and create an era.

Enya's patented suspension neck technology maintains innovation in guitar manufacturing technology that has once again broken the historical problems of acoustic guitar manufacturing.

The technology connects the neck and body of the guitar by screwing, so that the top of the soundboard is no longer bound by the keyboard, more vibration is released, and the tension of the neck is also greater. On the side of the soundboard, the vibration of the strings is wider.

Provides much better overall resonance!

Front panel made of Solid Sitka Spruce type 3A.

The standard model FLOWERS OCEAN Standard uses Solid Sitka Spruce type 3A wood surface. The grain and texture of Sitka Spruce is smooth and straight, strong and durable, with excellent dynamic performance, deep and powerful, and can easily accommodate a variety of playing styles.

Can withstand greater string tension and has a long life!

An artistic masterpiece.

Vividly displaying a sea of ​​flowers under the moonlight, the keytop is inlaid with Ebony wood and Australian seashells, creating a sea of ​​flowers under the moonlight for you to see and feel!

The Flame Maple neck is reinforced with an aluminum core.

Aluminum alloy is added as a reinforcing structure to the neck with excellent heat conductivity and high durability. The bending strength of the Enya Flower Ocean neck is twice that of a regular Mahogany neck.

Much better sound transmission!

The finish is thin and transparent.

ENYA FLOWERS OCEAN uses an ultra-thin, complex and smoother PU varnish.

Just for stronger sound quality and better texture!

Dual mode pickup system.

The standard FLOWERS OCEAN Standard EQ model with Element VTC pickup is manufactured by LR Baggs.

Suitable for different music styles!

Ebony guard with cherry blossom inlay.

To further enhance the overall aesthetic level, Enya used Ebony wood as the material of the protective panel and used white Australian shell for the cherry blossom inlay.

Give you a wonderful visual experience!

Luxurious FRP guitar box.

FLOWERS OCEAN is equipped with a luxurious white FRP case, providing a premium taste and perfect visual experience.

Provides the safest protection!

Cherry blossom pink.

For the FLOWERS OCEAN Standard version, Enya offers additional Cherry blossom pink color.

Great visual experience!

Two sizes and shapes!

For the limited edition Flowers Ocean Limited with a Solid Flame Maple top, Enya offers 2 sizes for you to choose from: 36-inch OM shape and 41-inch AJ shape.

For the standard version, Flowers Ocean Standard has a Solid Sitka Spruce top, only available in 41 inch AJ shape.

Detailed specifications.

In the box: White FRP Case + wrench + polishing cloth + certificate

Model: FLOWERS OCEAN Standard Size: 4/4 (41 inches)
Top: Solid Sitka Spruce Back & Sides: Solid Flame Maple
Neck: Maple Fretboard: Radius (400R) Ebony
Tuning Pegs: GOTOH SG510 Nut & Saddle: NuBone
Bridge: Ebony Strings: Elixir® 16052

Finish: Exquisite matte PU Neck, Ultra Thin Gloss PU Body

Nut Width: 1.71"
Pickguard: Ebony
Inlay: White Pearl Flower
Scale Length: 25.6”
Pickup: LR Baggs Element VTC
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