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X3 Pro Mini SP1 AcousticPlus 2.0

X3 Pro Mini SP1 AcousticPlus 2.0

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Enya X3E Pro Mini Guitar with Integrated EQ Effects - Carbon fiber material.

3-layer high-performance carbon fiber body, classic X-bracing construction, advanced neck technology, intelligent SP1 pickups and Enya's carbon fiber construction technology accumulated over 6 years . Together they created the X3 Pro Mini carbon fiber acoustic guitar that has a smooth, classic sound and smart features.

Full sound.

The X3 Pro Mini uses Enya's newly developed 3-layer carbon fiber high-performance soundboard. New technology materials have the ability to resonate and transmit sound quickly and transparently. It makes the sound of the X3 Pro Mini thick, full and woody.

Compared to traditional carbon fiber, this new material is more flexible and durable. Weight is halved while resonance capacity is increased by 65%.

The X-shaped brace structure has a classic style.

Enya uses X-bracing on a carbon fiber guitar for the first time. This is the type of bracing commonly found on traditional wooden guitars.

Enya's patented raised neck design.

Enya's engineering team has pioneered enhanced neck technology, which eliminates pressure from the fingerboard (from the 14th fret down) and releases all soundboard vibration.

At the same time, the new structure allows the full tension of the neck to act on the sides of the guitar, making the vibrating structure of the strings wider, giving the guitar better overall resonance.

Carbon fiber neck, reinforced with aluminum core.

The fretboard is an important component of the guitar. The Enya X3 Pro Mini guitar neck is made of durable carbon material. In addition, Enya also uses an aluminum alloy bar with outstanding vibration conductivity and extremely strong durability as the inner core and presses them into a lower unit. a machine weighing 800 tons. The load-bearing strength of the Enya X3 Pro Mini neck is twice that of a conventional wooden neck.

Smart SP1 ACOUSTICPLUS® 2.0 pickup system.

4 preset tones, press once to switch. Supports Acoustic, Delay, Reverb, Fusion effects. Connect the app to adjust EQ and various sound effects.

Type-C charging, battery life up to 30 hours in standby mode, use time 5 hours, fully charged in 6 hours.

Play music via Bluetooth using the speaker inside the keyboard.

Supports recording function via OTG cable.

Mini version size 36 inches.

Based on the 41-inch version, Enya has developed a 36-inch mini version. While retaining the same configuration and design details of the 41-inch X3 Pro, the smaller, fuller version delivers more balanced sound. Excellent performance, balanced tone, smaller body size and special carbon fiber material, the X3 Pro Mini is more suitable for travel.

High-end accessories.

Precision molded locking set, thick case, Daddario XS strings and American made TUSQ saddle.

The accessory kit also includes an audio connection cable and a charging cable.

Detailed specifications.

In the box: X3 Pro + Gig bag + Cable + Capo + Picks + Strings + Cleaning cloth + Strap + Wrench.

Model: EM-X3 ProE Mini Size: 36"
Top: Solid Acoustic Carbon Fiber Back & Sides: Carbon Fiber Composite
Neck: Carbon Fiber Composite Fretboard: Radius (R380) Carbon Fiber
Tuning Pegs: Silver Die-Cast Saddle: Tusq®
Bridge: Richlite Color: Black
Strings: D'Addario® XS
Nut Width: 1 - 5/8 Inch
Number of Frets: 19
Scale Length: 24 inches
Finish: Gloss (top), Satin (Back & Sides)
Weight: 4.75 lbs.
Upper Bout: 10"
Lower Bout: 14 - 1/4"
Electronics: Enya SP1 AcousticPlus® 2.0 Battery: 2600mAh/3.6v
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