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EGA X0 Pro EQ AcousticPlus

EGA X0 Pro EQ AcousticPlus

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Enya EGA-X0E Pro Guitar has integrated EQ effects - For beginners to practice playing.

Beautiful appearance, good quality, and affordable price are the features that make X0 Pro suitable for beginners to play guitar.

Solid Spruce front panel.

The Pro version of the X0 is configured with a Solid Spruce top, giving the guitar a higher sound quality. At the same time, solid wood also makes the sound of the guitar become better and better over time.

The back and sides are made of new upgraded HPL material.

Traditional wood is easily cracked and deformed due to the influence of temperature and environmental humidity. The X0 Pro series uses an upgraded version of the new material HPL Koa for the back and sides to ensure high stability, able to withstand challenges in many different harsh environments.

GA shaped soundboard (Grand Auditorium).

Enya first applied the GA-shaped soundboard model on the Q1M in 2021 and it was warmly received by the market. The unique size and acoustic characteristics of the Grand Auditorium give you an exceptional experience in tone and playability. Now, Enya has brought this design to other models, including the X0.

The neck is machined by CNC machines.

Over the years, the experience of the playability of the fretboard as well as the precise hand and finger movements of the artists has been gathered by Enya. The Enya X0 neck is crafted using high-precision CNC machines based on precise data, making the X0 series perfect for playability for all ages.

2nd generation BT screw technology.

The X0 adopts the second generation BT screw-in technology, originally used in Enya's high-end line, providing better sound quality, smooth playability, stability, easy adjustment and repair!

Black steel lock.

Using high quality black steel keys, has better smoothness, higher precision and longer life.

Smooth playability.

Each key has been finely polished, giving it a rounded tip and a smooth feel, perfect for playing!

Integrated Double S0 AcousticPlus EQ system.

The AcousticPlus system is equipped with a dual-mode TransAcoustic receiver (piezoelectric + microphone) jointly developed by Enya and Double Acoustics. Piezoelectric saddle pickups help capture the vibrations of the strings. The microphone inside the soundboard records the sound of the guitar, and also records the sound of hitting the soundboard when you play Fingerstyle.

AcousticPlus' groundbreaking technology turns the back of the guitar cabinet into a speaker and allows players to add sound effects (Delay, Reverb, Chorus...) from the guitar itself without the need for external equipment.

AcousticPlus provides a simple yet effective way to process natural sounds, creating playing experiences that are unique, fun, inspiring and fresh.

Enya Double S0 AcousticPlus also integrates a tuner screen to help tune the guitar. The battery uses a Type-C charging port and has a usage time of up to 8 hours.

Detailed specifications.

In the box: X0 Pro + gig bag + cable + accessory bag + polishing cloth + strap + pick + wrench + capo + strings + instruction manual.

Model: EGA-X0 ProE Size: 4/4 (41 Inches)
Top: Solid Spruce Back & Sides: High-Pressure Laminate
Neck: Nato, C shape Fretboard & Bridge: Black Richlite
Tuning Pegs: Blacksteel 18:1 Nut & Saddle: PVC
Strings: Enya Nut Width: 1-11/16 Inches
Finish: Exquisite Matte Fret: 20
Scale Length: 648 mm Pickup: Double S0 AcousticPlus
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