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Wireless Charging Stand 2 (for NEXG 2) - Blue Violet

Wireless Charging Stand 2 (for NEXG 2) - Blue Violet

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Enya NEXG 2 Wireless Charging Stand.

This wireless charging dock is designed to work with the Enya NEXG 2 guitar. Available in 4 colors, to match your NEXG 2 guitar. Made from sturdy ABS and aluminum alloy.

Beautifully and minimally designed, this stand offers the convenience of simply placing your guitar in and it will charge via wireless charging.

Technical specifications Wireless charging dock for Enya NEXG 2 Guitar.

Note: Only for Nexg 2 and Nexg Updated. Not compatible with Nexg 1.

Material: ABS & Polycarbonate

Bracket legs: Aluminum alloy

Charging input: Type-C

Height: 48.26 cm

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