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Magnetic Strap MS1 - Yellow

Magnetic Strap MS1 - Yellow

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The guitar strap has a quick magnetic clasp.

Creative magnetic connection.

Easy operation with one hand.

High quality suede material.

The handle is sturdy and completely secure.

Easy length adjustment (41 - 47 inches).

Enya MS1 is a magnetic quick-lock guitar strap specially designed for guitarists.

With a unique patented quick release design, excellent load-bearing capacity, and easy one-handed length adjustment, you'll enjoy unparalleled comfort and convenience while you play.

Magnetic quick lock.

To showcase your musical talent on stage, a high-quality guitar strap is essential. We bring you a great guitar strap with magnetic quick release and great comfort to make your playing experience even more perfect.

Easy to control.

Patented quick-lock design, so you no longer need to waste time and effort adjusting the straps.

Simply place the Enya MS1's magnetic clasp in the corresponding position. No need for cumbersome operations, instantly pairs with your guitar, allowing you to focus more on the music.

Super resistant. Stable and reliable.

The Enya MS1 strap has a load capacity of up to 60kg, no matter what type of guitar you use, it can hold your guitar firmly, helping you focus on your music performance.

Quick adjustment with one hand. Flexible and free.

The Enya MS1 strap is designed with a smooth, one-handed length adjustment function.

No need to put down the guitar, you can quickly tune with one hand, adjust the strap length at any time, suitable for many artists of different heights and playing styles.

High quality leather. Soft and friendly.

Enya MS1 is made from high-quality PU leather, combined with an ergonomic design that effectively reduces pressure on the shoulders and is soft, ensuring comfort during long-term play. Whether you are on stage or enjoying private fun, we can bring you a comfortable playing experience.

Detailed specifications.

Length (adjustable): 107 - 124cm

Width: 6cm

Weight: 84.3g

Design: Magnetic quick buckle structure, strap length can be quickly adjusted

Material: Superfiber imitation leather

Suitable for: Acoustic / Classic Guitar, Electric, Bass, Silent, Ukulele...

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